Writing Clips

For the last several years, I have served as a blogger for PLA’s Public Libraries Online. I also volunteer on the writing team at Pets for Patriots. Some examples of my work are below:

Graphic Design on a Shoestring: PL Online (adapted from my 2017 NJLA Conference panel)

The Library of the Future is Coming, and It’s All About Experience: PL Online

In Theory: Recommended Reading for Librarianship: PL Online

Are Small Public Libraries the Way of the Future? PL Online

Professionalism in the 21st Century Library: PL Online

Ten Things a Children’s Librarian Needs to Know: PL Online

Navy Veteran Learns That Luck is a Shelter Dog Named Lady: Pets for Patriots (editing only)

Retired Sailor Smitten with Snoopy the Spotted Shelter Dog: Pets for Patriots (editing only)

You’ve Got a Friend in Meeg: Pets for Patriots¬†(editing only)