About Me


Hi there! I’m Gretchen. I’ve been working in public libraries for fifteen years, but I consider myself to be more than a librarian. Over the years, I’ve also worked in digital marketing and editing, as well as in the sales and legal fields. Some of my passions outside libraries include writing, design, fashion, and music. Outside of work, you have a pretty good chance of catching me at a spin class, hockey game, or rock concert.

I view public libraries as the great equalizers and genuinely believe that they make their communities a better place.  In today’s consumer culture, there are very few free and open spaces that remain; however, libraries persist as gathering places, event spaces, and reliable resources of information. We are free bookstores, internet cafes, play spaces, and streaming media curators. Our professionals advocate for social justice, equal information access, and a more educated tomorrow.

After receiving my MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh, I specialized in youth services and am now three years into my second directorship. Prior to library school, I worked as a page and assistant, dabbling in children’s services, tech services, IT, and public relations. I have also worked as a reference librarian. These experiences have proven invaluable and have allowed me to understand many different facets of public libraries.

Questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch.